Dit Insta-account maakt fantastische (en hilarische) animaties van kindertekeningen

Het idee is simpel: hoe zouden kindertekeningen er in het echt uitzien. Het Instagram-account Things I Have Drawn laat het je zien en het is genieten. Hieronder zie je tien prachtige voorbeelden van het account, plus een typisch Nederlandse bonus. Heerlijke beelden!









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What were pterodactyls really like? Definitely flying lizards with a big head spike. ___ Hello everyone. So - I think I’ve mentioned this before: over the past few weeks we’ve received hundreds of DMs asking us to recreate some truly spectacular creations. Thank you so much for sending them - I’m just sorry we can’t do them all. However - this week we've selected this brilliant prehistoric monster by 5 year old Eden, sent to us by @sin.unk. Thank you. (Sorry if this shatters the illusion, but I didn’t actually point my camera up in the air as it flew by. What you see here is part Komodo dragon, part elephant (the wings and tail) and part goat (the horns). ___ #thingsihavedrawn #kidsdrawing #pterodactyl

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Fox on the rocks! (Well, actually it’s more like a dry muddy bank, but that didn’t rhyme.) ___ Hi everyone. Check out this awesome drawing of a fox by 4-year old Pasha and DMed to us by his mum @shirinita1979. Thanks for sending it to us - and great job Pasha. If your kid is a budding artist (as they all are), DM us their drawing, or even better, hashtag it #thingsihavedrawnatthezoo. Try and make it a good quality scan or photo if you can. And if they don’t know what to draw, some of the animals that don’t yet feature on our instagram or in our book include a badger, wolf, guinea pig, hamster, woodpecker, puffin and kingfisher - all ones we’d quite like to do. Good luck! ___ #thingsihavedrawn #kidsdrawing #fox

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Bonus: het Meisje met de Parel van Vermeer zoals je haar nog nooit zag...

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